About The KTG

“Learning from the school of hard knocks is very informing, but the tuition is too high! We should learn from other people’s experiences.”

Cavett Robert, Founder of the National Speakers Association

We, Miles Kierson and Gary Tomlinson, formed The Kierson Tomlinson Group in order to combine our collective experience and respective capabilities. We did so in service of bringing forth discovering execution and the journey to mastery of execution with a vision of helping organizations go from “good to great.”  In other words, helping companies become high performance organizations, that consistently achieves their goals year after year.

While in the process of writing this book, we looked at each other and said, “If people need consulting and coaching help in this space, we may be the only ones, at this time, who can do this work as we have been outlining it.” Please know this wasn’t hubris. What we’re saying is that a lot of what you’ve read here has been discovered and/or developed by us and the other consultancies won’t have the expertise in all of these areas at this time.

We’re experienced executives ourselves as well as experienced leadership consultants and executive coaches. We’re trained, certified and heavily experienced in the KeyneLink execution management system. And we have spent many years helping companies to envision a compelling future, and then help them get there – also known as executing.

Briefly, here’s how we can help
  1. As speakers and workshop presenters

We are nationally recognized professional speakers. Our “Discovering Execution” and other execution-related topics serve as a great introduction to the Age of Execution. Whether it’s a presentation for an executive team, leadership team or an entire organization our presentations are eye-opening, entertaining, and highly motivating.

Our workshops on executive team alignment and organizational execution are informative, educational, and very interactive. Each one is customized specifically for the client because no two organizations are exactly alike.

We offer a workshop we want to call to your attention because of the impact it has and because of its uniqueness. It’s our Kierson Tomlinson Issues Resolution Workshop. We have found that organizations often don’t resolve their issues; they keep them unresolved – in some cases for years. It has been our experience that with the right forum and the right facilitators you can resolve most issues in a relatively short period of time (we sometimes refer to it as a “locked door” session).

  1. As consultants

Our unique offering is designed to help organizations take on the journey of learning how to improve their ability to execute in the ways we wrote about in this book and more. Because each client is unique, we customize our process to meet each organization’s specific needs. Our coming-in purpose is to get our client on a good track and have them learn and thrive in engaging their organization to improve their ability to produce results. We’re specialists in helping develop high performing organizations.

Most often, as part of our offering, we introduce our clients to the KeyneLink execution management system. We help them bring their team into the fold and teach them how to implement this system throughout their organization.

  1. As executive coaches

Because we’re steeped in leadership practices as well as execution practices, we’re unique executive coaches. We work with both experienced and new executives as well as high-level managers to help them be better leaders and managers. We help them get over their execution-related hurdles and help them manage their critical relationships – managing both “up” and “down”.

  1. As interim Chief Execution Officer (CXO)

We serve in the capacity of interim Chief Execution Officer (CXO) while we train someone in the organization to take over that function. This is a position we discovered was missing at the C-Suite level, a position that ought to be at least as essential as the other already accepted positions.

The interim CXO’s job is to make sure the organization is fulfilling its commitments to its initiatives; that in general everybody is learning to get better and better at execution; that the enterprise is organized to maximize effectiveness; that everyone who is in a management position is utilizing best practices in producing results; that the execution management system is being used to maximize its effectiveness in managing progress and learning; and in general is cultivating a culture of accelerating capability.

There is an old Chinese proverb that says “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” If now is the time for you to get on board, we want to help you.

If you’re a CEO, COO, president, or division head of a mid- to large-size company who is interested in pursuing further what we have to offer, we invite you to contact us.